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We sell new and used pallet racking that can be used for tire storage.

New tire racking can be custom ordered to specific sizes with a bit of wait time involved.

Used tire racking is usually always available in our used stock.

The used pallet racking we currently have in stock is 24" wide and comes in different heights, the current heights available in this used rack are 7', 13', 17', 23' tall.

We have many different pallet rack beam sizes available in many different lengths. Please call for availability.

We buy and sell many types of pallet rack and other material handling related equipment such as heavy duty shelving, cantilever rack, rolling ladders, pallet trucks, industrial carts, storage cabinets, dock plates, industrial scales, lockers and more!

We are also available for installation and assembly of pallet rack and other industrial storage systems.

Feel Free to contact us any time as our stock changes almost every day, new equipment coming in and used equipment going out quick!

We may not have what you are looking for now, but if you leave a request for any certain size, brand or type of pallet rack or other used warehouse equipment we can keep your contact info and follow up with you as soon as we locate your required items or they become available.
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